The Experts' Assessment:

Pandemic Pandemonium – Business leaders stretched to re-imagine strategies for achieving business goals and inspiring people

Industry insights and best practices built on consensus collected from hundreds of thought leaders and FM experts from around the globe teaching you on how to best manage the workplace in a post-COVID world.


8:30 PT | 10:30 CT | 11:30 ET


Experts' Assessment Episode 3


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Learn how organizations are assessing current challenges and setting future vision/priorities for how we will work in the future.

Gain insights into the role of HR and crisis management teams in developing workplace strategies with multi-disciplinary teams.   

Increase understanding of how organizations are translating current challenges into positive outcomes…even opportunities!

This session will explore:

IFMA’s The Experts' Assessment study identified Human Resources as a critical discipline poised to lead organizations through Workplace Strategy development and Workplace Transformation programs. Come join us in discussions with international HR, FM and Workplace experts who will share their experience and point of view.

Join us November 11, 2020

Today, business leaders are having to re-imagine strategies for achieving organizational goals and their approach to managing/inspiring people. The explosion of remote or ‘distributed’ work has expanded the definition of ‘workplace’ to include both physical and virtual work environments. Daily routines around how we work, learn, socialize and rejuvenate have been disrupted and working from home (WFH) has become the new norm for knowledge workers. How are organizations balancing crisis management, risk mitigation and delivering results along with the challenge of re-imagining the world of work? How can Workplace Strategy help accelerate the journey to achieve business goals and support workforce satisfaction and productivity?  

Lessons learned during the pandemic.

An Expert Panel of Speakers

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